Screw Conveyors

Screw Conveyors

SchneckenfördererOur screw conveyors are used for conveying dry, granular or powdery materials. The screw conveyor can be used as both a pipe conveyor and a trough conveyor.The screw shaft consists of an inner core with raised vanes. This screw shaft is supported on both sides by flange bearings and pedestal bearings. It is driven by a geared motor.

Here are some of the fields of application in which our screw conveyors have already been well proven:

According to your needs we can produce the screw conveyors in various possible materials such as 1.4571 or 1.4301 high-grade steel or S235JR sheet steel. The screw shaft, in accordance with current requirements, is made up of S235JR steel, S355J2G3 special steel, or 1.4571 or 1.4301 high-grade steel. In special cases it can also be manufactured from wear-resistant sheet metal.

Screw Dosing Machines

The outstanding feature of a screw dosing machine is the operation of several screw shafts next to each other. The dosing machine serves the mechanical transport and releases a controlled amount of dusty or granular goods. It consists of a casing with several screw shafts mounted on both sides.

» Data Sheet Screw Conveyor (PDF)
» Data Sheet (PDF)