Welcome to 130 years Huldreich Lind,

Huldreich LindAt Huldreich Lind, we have been manufacturing conveying machinery since the firm was founded in 1879. We are involved mainly in the production of screw conveyors, troughed chain conveyors and bucket elevators as well as the manufacture of special mouldings, tubular fittings and containers.

We have built on the basis of our many years’ experience in the field of mill and plant engineering and construction, and since 1991 we have been producing spiral conveyors. These are shaftless screw conveyors especially suitable for handling material which is tangled or jammed, or for transporting bridge-building material.

Another strong field of expertise at Huldreich Lind is the surface treatment of steel and high-grade steel using various blasting techniques. If all this sounds interesting then check out the rest of our website...

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