Shot Blasting

Shot Blasting

Steel Shot Blasting

Steel shot blasting removes contaminants such as rust, scale, perspiration residue, paint remnants etc. from a steel surface. It results in a stress-free, hardened, and at the same time uniformly textured surface, which forms an ideal foundation for subsequent base and top coatings. Parts up to 8 m long can be processed by our blasting booth.

Glass Bead Blasting

The various manufacturing processes such as cutting, sharpening and welding leave behind ferrite residues. Glass bead blasting will remove these ferrite contaminants from a high-grade steel surface, leaving the surface finished and matted. Blasting with glass beads is a clean alternative to pickling and passivating high-grade steel parts, as no chemicals at all are used in the process. The shot blasting beads are cleaned and can be re-used, and the waste can be disposed of without damage to the environment. Parts up to 6 m long can be processed by our blasting booth.